DFD DRYBACK - Medium collection

High-quality Dryback collection to glue down. Rustic oak, timeless collection with a realistic wood structure and very matte look. Colour and design are very well balanced and create the ideal basis for any interior. Our floors are developed with an extra robust wear layer, so that our beautiful designs will last a lifetime, even in spaces with high intensity traffi.

Purchase a PVC floor at Dutch Floor Design

Browsing to buy a new PVC floor? At Dutch Floor Design you can easily find a PVC floor that suits any interior. A PVC floor adapts quickly to the ambient temperature in a space, is water-repellent and has a genuine and natural feel. Purchasing a PVC floor brings a lot of added benefits.

Purchase a DFD floor

Dutch Floor Design has a wide range of PVC floors in various designs. A PVC floor is also called a vinyl or plastic floor and they are very popular nowadays. Purchase a PVC floor with a trendy bronze or metallic color? Or are you opting for a timeless olive or sand color? A PVC floor is extremely durable and has high wear resistance. In addition, a PVC floor is very affordable. With us you can buy an excellent PVC floor for a friendly price.